About Us

One of the best things about being a creator is the ability to create products for customers that perfectly represent thoughts, feelings and values and bring it to the forefront, that essentially make you feel like you. For some people this my come by wearing a uniform for those off to work in a service, or maybe even wearing a fly grey suit and tie. However, a lot of us like to wear what helps us feel like our happiest self, and represent who we are, by being a vessel of self-expression. That’s why here at Designs by Shonnie D., we are so excited to bring our customers comfortable, high-quality t-shirts that boast insights and quotes, sure to bring a level of class and coziness to their everyday outfit.

With a vast array of designs and an ability to complete custom orders, we have just the perfect t-shirt for your every occasion and mood, and not to mention style. Bringing customers’ creative vision to life is the entire intention behind our business, so we’d love to bring the t-shirt, mug or other product of your dreams into reality.

We’ve been creating incredible products for a few years now and haven’t looked back since! Please feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or custom requests.

Get Ready to Experience Excellence!